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Human Symphony

Human Symphony produces critically acclaimed shows, musical works and community engagement programs. Led by Artistic Director Pauline Maudy with the support of accomplished Creative Producer Greta Kelly, the company works with award-winning performers and theatre-makers from Australia and abroad and has been mesmerising national and international audiences with powerful and inspired productions.

Unique musicality and storytelling, coupled with theatrical expertise and a knack for engaging community members across generations have bolstered Human Symphony’s success, however it is commitment to celebrating diversity, inclusion, and connection - both through the company’s body of work and genuine exchange with communities - that propels their work beyond the stage to create a lasting impact on individuals and communities internationally.

The producing team has been working together since 2004 to bring compelling sounds and stories to audiences. With their combined experience they have toured orchestras across continents, released award-winning musical works, received rave reviews for their stage shows, and designed celebrated community engagement programs. Their work has been acknowledged through multiple awards, excellent media coverage, and thorough evaluations of touring productions and workshop programs by their peers and audiences.

Human Symphony’s work has been supported by strategic partnerships with funding bodies and touring agencies. In Australia, the team values their work with arTour and Critical Stages along with the support of Arts Queensland, Australia Council for the Arts, the Australian Cultural Fund, Harrigans Lane Collective, local councils, and their loyal supporters.

Human Symphony’s current stage production offering includes:

MZAZA: The Birth and Death of Stars (the show)

Pauline Maudy presents Take Me to Paris

The company is also booking shows and releasing music for MZAZA: the band

Human Symphony’s community engagement work is tailored to client or community needs. Past projects and programs include community consultations, professional development programs for emerging artists, school workshop programs, community development strategy design, and programs supporting the inclusion of minority groups.

If you would like to start a conversation about a community engagement program, production, or collaboration, please get in touch.


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