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Take Me to Paris

A compelling and enchanting ride from Parisian alleyways to Australia from award-winning French singer Pauline Maudy and friends.

After a string of successful Queensland and international tours, French-born, award-winning singer Pauline Maudy presents a personal show about growing up in two places.

Take me to Paris (by Juanita Broderick)

Take me to Paris is about belonging, about identity. It’s about our search for an idealised version of heaven on earth, Napoleon’s fascination for Australia, Australia’s fascination for the city of love and everything in between.

One of the truly rare voices on the international world scene, Pauline effortlessly channels the greats in French and English, transporting audiences from Parisian alleyways to New York jazz bars in a heartbeat.

This entertaining, funny and moving show skillfully weaves compelling storytelling, breathtaking music and a thought provoking and humorous exploration of whether the grass really is greener on the other side. Skillfully, Take me to Paris takes us on a voyage to the mystical city of Paris and right back to the beautiful land we live in.

With a plethora of notches on her belt, Maudy paves the way for hungry minds eager to satiate their musical, cultural and intellectual appetites.


Brisbane based Pauline Maudy, an expatriate French singer, heartbreakingly channelled Edith Piaf... More, please.

Ken Lord, The Sunday Mail

    Pauline Maudy - PM Dec 19 -102 Pauline Maudy & Paddy McHugh (by Jacques Maudy)

    Pauline Maudy & Paddy McHugh


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