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One of the rare voices on the international world scene, award-winning French-born singer and songwriter Pauline forged her career with her international touring ensemble MZAZA while writing and performing in the rock, folk, and jazz worlds.

Pauline is an accomplished songwriter, vocalist, workshop facilitator and mentor. She enjoys taking creative concepts from idea to completion, whether it is in the form of a stage show, a song, a festival or an album.

She is committed to social progress through her leadership in music and across her work with diverse communities. She drives a number of projects including Tilly Bébé, a program which seeks to counter the underrepresentation of women in jazz.

Pauline is based in Brisbane, Australia and regularly spends time in Europe performing.

She is also the Artistic Director of Human Symphony, a company that produces stage shows, musical works, and designs community engagement programs.

Pauline Maudy - C06A4185

This is a model of femininity that society has bottled up because it can’t accommodate it.

The Westender

With a plethora of notches on her belt, Maudy paves the way for hungry minds eager to satiate their musical, cultural and intellectual appetites.



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