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Workshops + Mentoring

To find out more about workshops or mentoring, contact Pauline.

Pauline has extensive experience delivering and designing community engagement programs, one-off workshops and individual mentoring programs.

One-on-one mentoring programs respond to the individual’s needs and can include support with goal-setting, arts and music business, strategy, performance skills, breath work and more.

I am amazed at how much we achieved in just over three months. Pauline's help was invaluable; she guided me through the entire process of planning my Queensland tour. Her passion, enthusiasm, and readiness to assist whenever I felt stuck were crucial to the outcome.

In 12 sessions, I learned how to create a professional budget for my events and gained some bookkeeping skills, created a professional Press Kit, explored my identity as a musician, and learned how to approach venues and apply for festivals. There is still so much to learn, I feel like I still need access to Pauline’s well of wisdom.


Pauline went above and beyond in everything she did for me during my crowdfunding campaign. She didn't just carry out a series of tasks - I always knew she was in my corner willing to help at every stage. My campaign was very challenging and I honestly don't believe I would have succeeded without someone like Pauline who shared my passion and kept driving me on at each step. Her years of experience really showed when I needed good, clear advice at short notice. Often she would make contact with me just to see how things were going, and this meant a lot when I was battling in the trenches of a very challenging project.


Thank you so much again for the opportunity to be a part of the “Cultivate” workshop. I have learnt so much it is still taking some time to digest it all. The workshop has made me feel more confident as an emerging artist and having had this opportunity to collaborate, learn, give and receive encouragement from each other was so rewarding.


With a plethora of notches on her belt, Maudy paves the way for hungry minds eager to satiate their musical, cultural and intellectual appetites.


Pauline Maudy - 190922 - MZAZA at the Spiegeltent - Promo 000


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