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Alkantara Festival — Nufolk Collective

Sunday, 30th July 2023

Alkantara Festival, Pisano, Zafferana Etnea, Catania (Italy)

From the AlkantaraFest website:

Nufolk was born in 2019 as a multicultural orchestra of 12 musicians from 6 different European countries with the co-financing of the Creative Europe program and the production of Darshan. In the two years of activity, the orchestra has created three artistic residences, an international tour in Europe and a live recorded CD, as well as numerous video and photographic supports.

The message launched by Nufolk, as the word itself suggests, is the creation of a new tradition in which the languages of local folk mix together creating a new current and contemporary musical code: the humanly organized global sound. Now the project is under development and wants to become a community, being ready to continue its work as a collective of artists and ideas on the move. Human material, repertoire, resources, products will be used, the supports so far made to establish new local residential micro-projects that can incubate and develop the “ brand ” Nufolk for the co-creation of new materials.We will do this by organizing small artistic residences and producing mini-concerts within the festivals and events of the network made up of Nufolk partners in Europe. But we will also develop parallel projects and collateral activities such as master classes, dance workshops and traditional instruments, live and studio recordings, record presentations, conferences, direct streams and much more.

Nufolk Collective was launched in 2022 in Italy at the Alkantara fest, similar events will follow in Denmark, Spain, Latvia, Hungary and Belgium. For a musician, being invited to join Nufolk will not be an episode, but it will become an experience. It will be an opportunity to create, meet and share with other musicians a message and a musical language to be transferred and replicated within an international network in continuous development. Alkantara fest will produce a mini-residence and a show within the program in 2023, selecting 5 musicians who will be considered the most suitable, each from a different country, based on availability, to the artistic skills and instruments played.

Line-up 2023 is composed of Pauline Maudy ( FRA / AUS, voice ), Nektarios Galanis ( GR, violin, bouzouki ), Benjamin Bech ( clarinet ), Giampiero Cannata ( IT, bass, Micha Grind ( SE, percussion )

See more about Pauline's Nufolk Residency in Italy.

Pauline Maudy - C06A4374

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